Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Down and up

If this morning was one of the worst times so far, this afternoon was one of the best. Kol's 2 neighbors were discharged, so it was quieter. I had a long talk with the surgical resident who saw Kol in the E.R. and who observed Kol's surgery. Coincidentally, he also worked at Honey Bee in Frontier, and his brother and sister went to L.C.B.I. I met a nursing coordinator, who had lots of good info for me, and a better estimate of timelines. The recreation therapist came by and introduced herself, as did the dietician. They all had good info, and were really helpful, which made me feel lots better.

I had been worried that Kol hadn't been getting much to eat, because he hasn't wanted to eat much since they stopped feeding him through the NG tube before his MRI. They had been trying to give him fluids which, aside from popsicles, he doesn't really like. He's such a picky eater. We decided to restart feeding him through the feeding tube just to give him something while he is slowly starting to eat more on his own. He can eat and swallow, but his throat is sore, and he's not wanting to eat much.

All of these made me feel better, but absolutely the bestest part of the day was when the girls came to visit. They were so happy to see him, and they are no longer so intimidated by the hospital and all of the tubes. The nurse made an exception to the 2 visitor rule, especially since the room was empty, and we all got to be here - with both grandmas, grandpa, and Auntie Robin. Kol was happy to see them, he was awake, and alert, and was giving Annika his special tummy pats. Julianna and Mari took turns reading him the Well Wishes that were delivered today, and all of the kids were fooling around. Kol was smiling at some of the messages, and he was awake for longer than he has been since last Tuesday.

God is good.


  1. the strawberry blended lemonades from starbucks are really tasty...our girls love is like a slurpee...maybe not that healthy...but it might help Kol's sore throat :) God is are right!
    Kathryn GOrectke

  2. Bo and Miena FriggstadJune 2, 2010 at 11:02 PM

    AHH!!! Good to hear some good news from you; after Kirks last post we were a bit worried. Can he have jello yet? Hopefully it will be sometime will before he gets a neighbour or two. Love and prayers from Bo, Miena, Mette and Davin
    Ps. Greatings and prayers from Mom/Jan, Shawn, Cody, Crystal and Grandpa(Earl)& Grandma(Shirley) McKellar

  3. Jake & JoanneJune 3, 2010 at 9:56 AM

    Dear Kristen & is hard to read what your little Kol is going through. I too am thankful for the prayers offered up for him and also for the support from your parents and family. We continue to pray for the little details. Reading your blog took me back to waiting in the observation room while the doctors discussed whether Jeff would need a spinal or not - you feel so vulnerable. It is so draining on a parent's heart. Thank you for being so diligent with the updates, it helps us to know how to pray. I am thankful that you can rest in Him. Kisses for Kol. Love, Jake and Joanne