Monday, June 21, 2010

Meeting with the radiation oncologist

This morning we went to the Saskatoon Cancer Center to meet with the radiation oncologist. We talked with him for about an hour, and also spent quite a bit of time talking with the social worker there. Rick (the social worker) was fantastic, talking about so many issues surrounding the treatment (for example, how to claim medical travel expenses for income tax deductions) and giving us a tour of the facility, including the CT scanner and the radiation therapy room. He also gave us a bag filled with all sorts of books (some for Kolbjorn, some for us) and toys (mostly for Kolbjorn) - they really seem to go the extra mile for the kids, it made us feel really cared for.

Kol will be starting radiation therapy in early July. As part of the preparation and planning for therapy, he will have to have a mold taken of his face and head (in order to keep his head in the same position for all the scans and treatments), have another CT scan, and will also have to have a spinal tap to determine if any cancer cells have moved from the ventricle (where the tumor was) down through the spinal column - not looking forward to that part.

We're still processing our conversation with the oncologist - I took two and a half pages of notes, and we also recorded the conversation, so we're going to be reviewing all those things over the next few days. We'll post more once we have a better handle on it.


  1. We just came home from the lake, having spent the weekend celebrating the 70th anniversary of Kinasao and then we stayed for a day of Prime Time Camp. You were all prayed for often and are on everyone's minds. I truly appreciate your blog, as we try to understand the enormity of this disease.

    Margaret and Viktor

  2. Hey guys - we continue to think of you and pray for you daily. My mind goes all over the place when I check the blog and my prayer for strength and understanding goes up for all of you. I am still waiting for instructions on something I can do for you - don't forget about my offer. A special hi-5 to Kol. Maureen

  3. We are praying for Kol and your whole family that you feel God's love and support through this difficult time.

    Adri & Garry Booth

  4. One step at a time. My thoughts and prayers are with you.