Thursday, June 24, 2010

Prayer and anointing

From an e-mail sent by Steven (Kristen's brother) to a large number of people, including members of Bethlehem Lutheran congregation, other residents of Outlook, friends and family across the country:
Just a short note to let you know we will be having a service of prayers for healing and anointing with oil for Kol on Friday night (June 25) @ 7:30 at the church. All are welcome to come and support Kol.
If you can not make it please pray along with those who can at that time. Thanks your prayers are coveted and appreciated a lot.
We would like to extend this invitation to anyone who is interested in participating. Thank-you.


  1. I will with all of you in spirit.. As you face this ongoing journey, remember that God is in control and trust in His amazing grace which will continue to sustain and support all of you through this journey.

  2. wow...praying for you guys! heart aching...but believing in God's steadfast love and faithfulness. He IS GOOD ALL the time!
    Kathryn Gorectke