Saturday, June 5, 2010

Continued progress

Some promising things today:

  • Kol has been eating more regular food than the day before, which means that his feeding tube may be removed soon
  • the physiotherapist stopped in and started working with Kol - he was able to sit up on the edge of the bed for a minute without anyone holding him (although our hands were pretty darn close to him in case he did fall over)
  • while he still isn't talking normally, we have discovered that he will whisper words and phrases without too much difficulty, which is making communicating with Kol much easier (although we still end up doing a lot of yes/no or multiple-choice questions)
  • Kol was able to start building his new Lego set (Kristen and I bought one for him when he went into surgery) - his hands are a bit shaky and weak, but he's doing a great job and loving it!
Kristen is on the night shift tonight, and I'll be taking the girls to church Sunday morning with Mom and Dad. Julianna has a piano recital scheduled later Sunday back home in Outlook, so we're thinking that Kristen might take the girls back home, at least for the night, get Mari back to school, take care of a few things at the house, etc. while I stay with Kol. It'll be good for her to get a break from the hospital - she's ended up staying there while I've gone other places (Friggstad "rice mush" gathering, out for supper with the girls, etc.), so she's earned it.

Tomorrow I hope to get my hair cut to match Kol's - I figure I could at least to that to show a little solidarity with him in this. I can't put it off too much longer, though, as his hair is already starting to grow back after being shaved for the operation.

Time for bed - sleep is a precious thing.

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  1. Hope the EVD removal goes well......think the hair cut idea is'll be a matching set....Kol will love it! Hope progress continues and that all news is good......Love to All.......Jo and Greg