Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yet another CT

We heard today that they want Kol at the cancer clinic again tomorrow (Wednesday June 23) for his planning CT. The information sheet we got calls it a CT Simulation, and the info they collect will be used by "a treatment planner, medical physicist, and...radiation oncologist" to make a treatment plan. It should take them about 1.5 to 2 weeks to do the planning.

The appointment is at 1:00. At this appointment, they will make his mask - it's made of a white plastic mesh that molds easily after having been warmed in a water bath. It will stretch over his head, and then he gets to wear it for about 20 minutes until it cools. We got to see some masks Monday, and they explained how they make them and what it will feel like when they put it on Kol's face (like a warm wet washcloth). The mask will be used to hold his head in the exact position it needs to be in during all of the radiation treatments. Kol's pituitary gland is within a centimeter of the tumor, and his optic nerve and thalamus are also very close. The Dr. said that he has to focus the beams precisely - within 2 to 3 mm - so any movement or variation in his position is dangerous.

We're still waiting for an appointment for a spinal tap - but since the results from that will only be used to calculate the dose of radiation to Kol's spine, it's not as urgent as the simulation. They are planning approximately 5 1/2 to 6 weeks of daily (weekdays) radiation treatments, the first 3 weeks will focus on the head, then 2 weeks of treatments to the spine, and then back to the head for a few more treatments.

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